Glass Ceiling Thesis

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Glass-Ceiling is a term that describes an unofficially acknowledged barrier to advancement in a profession, especially affecting women and members of minorities. Glass ceiling is mostly effective on women. They are always considered to be dominant by men therefore they are not allowed to reach the same level that men would be able to. The glass ceiling represents an obvious example of gender inequalities in work places. Even though glass ceiling is a ceiling made of glass it has a huge impact on separating women from reaching the same levels as men. However over the years feminists have overcome some obstacles and have tried to somewhat equate with men. Although at first they might not even notice that there is a barrier that is stopping them…show more content…
They started to protest demanding equal rights and equal pay for the work they did. They wanted to gain access to better jobs and wanted the glass ceiling destroyed, women wanted to be known the same as their male colleagues. Starting from the 1960’s feminists started protesting on the streets, rallies, hearings, marches. sit-ins, legislative sessions etc. They even went to court to stand up against this discrimination. In 1970, they striked for equality which was organized by National Organization for Women, and it was first big demonstration of the Women’s Liberation movement. Women chose to stop working for a day, to draw attention to the widespread problem of unequal pay. The equal rights amendment was being discussed in congress. Women who were protesting threatened the politician that they would be at risk of losing their seat in the next election if they did not pay attention to their…show more content…
It also establishes “Equal Employment Opportunity Commission” giving women equal opportunity in the work force. President Lyndon Johnson’s affirmative action policy makes sure federal agencies and contractors must take active measures to ensure that women as well as minorities enjoy the same education and employment opportunities. Currently, women hold 46% of the labor force. Young women nowadays look at housework as more of a part-time job rather than a full time job. This is a huge social change for the families giving women less dependence on marriages, and take a greater responsibility over the increasing area of technology and resources. This causes a women what is called a double days, they spend their day out in the world and then they have to come home and carry the household chores. With more and more women getting jobs, it encourages the other who were reluctant to move into the labor

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