Analysis Of Our Other Sister

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In the poem Our Other Sister, Jeffery constructs this illusion of an estranged older sister, based off of lies, that gradually gains momentum to the point where he no longer has control over his nor his sister’s emotional state, and the damage that he has caused becomes irreversible. In this creating situational irony, as his motive in constructing her (other sister) was to evoke resentment in his younger sister, but while doing so evidently ended up hurting them both. Despite the fact that he knows this ‘other sister’ is merely a figment of his imagination, after witnessing the sorrow and desolation in his sister’s eyes the loss becomes real for him as well. It is this gradual transition from phantasm to reality through visualizations in each stanza that not only captivated me as a reader, but also allowed me to sympathize for the unknown.…show more content…
After reading the second stanza in which he states: “but telling her we had another, older sister who’d gone away”, I realized that his idea of the cruelest deed was not causing his sister physical pain but emotional, through telling lies. I noticed as the narrator stated: “But that first sentence was like a strand of DNA that replicated it self in coiling lies.”, he used this metaphor in comparison to how DNA multiplies itself as did his lies until this fictional character became a
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