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Good morning Mrs Njapha, teachers, parents, students and to the class of 2016. It is really an honor for me to be addressing you at your speech day function today. When Mrs Lategan asked me to be the guest speaker at this function I was initially pretty nervous was I going to be funny, interesting or inspiring. Afterall the last time I spoke at a public function was at my sister’s wedding and considering they were family it wasn’t a tough crowd to please. Standing here on the podium gives me an immense sense of nostalgia. It's hard to believe that 9 years ago it was me sitting here in the audience waiting with baited breath to hear the results of the awards. I can honestly say that my 5 years at Pinetown girls high shaped me into the woman…show more content…
I was often questioned as to why at high school I chose to involve myself in not only academia but sport, public speaking and community service. My rigorous school schedule undoubtedly gave me the stamina to cope with the strenuous daily life of a doctor and a surgeon in training. It gave me confidence to face my stressors head…show more content…
Fear is good because it is our brain's way of identifying the things about which we are ignorant. We should look at our fear not as a reason to avoid the things that frighten us, but as a reason to engage them. I recall the day I my registrar left me alone at night to do a solo surgery. To say I was scared was an understatement; even though I was sufficiently prepared to perform the surgery I was so tempted to ask her to stay and hold my hand through the procedure. I was ready to give up my opportunity to soar because I was afraid. Needless to say I got up the courage to work on my own and everything went just fine. My advice to you is not to run away from your fears, embrace it; let your fear be a trigger for curiosity. It will sharpen you, it will challenge you, and it will make you stronger. When you run away from you fears, you also run away from the opportunity to be your best possible

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