A Rose For Emily 'And Why I Live At The Po'

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In the story, “A Rose for Emily” and “Why I live at the PO”, compare and contrast took place. Both of the stories take place on a small town in the Southern area of United States, but they are in different decades. Southern area was poor due to war that they lose. “A Rose for Emily” takes place in Mississippi County, Yoknapatawpha during 1900 while “Why I live at the PO” takes place in China Grove, Mississippi during 1929. Due to differences in decades, each protagonist has huge different of living and surroundings. The protagonist of “A Rose for Emily”, Emily Grierson, live in a unique large house which is the last remnant from the medieval era on a large neighborhood. Moreover, Emily is a wealthy woman who could do anything she wants as her…show more content…
The main protagonist, in “A Rose for Emily”, is Emily Grierson and in “Why I live at the PO”, is the sister. In “A Rose for Emily”, Emily Grierson is a recluse and calm person whom don’t want to reveal her identity. In addition, we can also consider her as a mysterious and private person. Emily was born as a bourgeois child because her family seems powerful as she could disobey laws in the city. For instance, she refuses to put a number at her house when the federal mail service was established. Emily has some disorder that she wants to kill herself by drinking poison at the end of the story. Furthermore, she has a necrophilia disorder, someone who is attracted with dead bodies. Due to this, it makes the story clearer of why she killed her lover, Homer Barron, and herself. In “Why I live in the PO”, the sister is talkative and stubborn person as she don’t want to listen to her parents and always complaining. She has a reason of why she always keeps complaining, which is because of distrust and jealousy between the family members. For instance, sister becomes jealous of why Stella-Rondo becomes the dearest child while she is the one who work hard to get money for the family. Sister is the one who is being alienated by the family because Stella-Rondo incites her parents to hate her. This creates conflict in family. We can considers sister as an annoying person too, as at the end of the story, she snatched Stella-Rondo’s

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