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INTRODUCTION Glass ceiling means an invisible upper limit in corporations and other organizations, it also define that women are difficult to get higher ranks in an organizations. Glass ceiling is also describe as a metaphor which describe a barriers for women from getting promoted for other position in an organization, pay rises and also other opportunities. Some of women might not aware the existence of glass ceiling until they experience it. In other words, glass ceiling is described as women being discriminated in a workplace. Discrimination will lead to difficulties in women success in a corporate sector. Other than that, women are mostly being discriminated because of their gender which is men are always questioning their capability…show more content…
Based on the article by Dr Terry R. Sloan (2014) from Australia. The writers are examining an alternate explanation for studies positing that women comprise the preferred candidates for leadership positions associated with high probabilities of failure. Important factors leading to the under-representation of women in leadership positions include gender stereotyping, recruitment and promotion biases, the quality of leadership opportunities available, sexism, and in-group favouritism. Article 2 : Women on Top: Diversity in Gender and Education Profiles of Top Management and Board of Directors of Philippine Publicly Traded Firms Based on the article by Angelo A. Unite (2014) from Philippine. The writers are studying about gender diversity composition and trends among CEOs, boards, and top management teams in Philippine. The writer also provide information on the educational profile of CEOs of PSE-listed firms. The writer also found the impact of gender diversity in the board and top management on firm value. Article 3 : Diversity and Inclusion in the Engineering Workplace: A Call for Majority Intentionality to Increase Career…show more content…
We can see that the involvement of women working in Malaysia increased from time to time but they are not given equal opportunities with men. There are undoubtedly a variety of reasons for this. First, the interest of economists in explaining the phenomenon of discrimination is relatively recent. The pioneering book in the field, Gary Becker’s The Economics of Discrimination, was published in 1957. Second, discrimination may assume a variety of guises and take different forms for different groups. For example, African-Americans traditionally have been at a substantial disadvantage in obtaining employment, whereas women have had access to jobs but only in a restricted number of occupations. Finally at the outset that the roots of discrimination are diverse and complex, ranging beyond the boundaries of economics. A discipline such as economics, which predicates its analysis on rational behaviour, may be at a severe disadvantage in explaining a phenomenon that many regard ass irrational. Nevertheless, economists have contributed important analytical and empirical work on the problem of discrimination, and our immediate goal is to summarize several of the more prominent theories; (1) the taste for discrimination model, (2) statistical discrimination, and (3) the crowding

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