Glass Ceiling Metaphor: Article Analysis

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Throughout decades the progress of women in the workforce has increased, but still remains a struggle. Many of defined this problem by the glass-ceiling metaphor. Alice Eagly and Linda L. Carli explain how this metaphor should be abandon. The glass-ceiling metaphor implies there is a rigid barrier that blocks women from the top levels of power. But times have changed and according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 23 percent of American CEOs of organizations are now women. In the article Eagly and Carli describe the correct metaphor for the obstacles that women go through, which is a labyrinth. The symbol of a labyrinth conveys the idea of a complex journey toward a goal worth striving for. This labyrinth includes sex discrimination, women's domestic responsibilities and sometimes women's own failure to believe in themselves. But all labyrinths have a viable route to the center, and goals are attainable. Eagly and Carli believe, if we can understand the various barriers that make up this labyrinth, and how some women find their way around them, then we can work more effectively to improve the situation. The article also explores the obstructions women run up against. For example, family demands, discrimination, underinvestment in social capital, and issues on leadership styles. Also, the authors documented management interventions that work…show more content…
What is still holding women back? Like we spoke in class, I believe that traditions and passed on generations is what is holding women back. Traditions or passed on generations have taught men to be the protector and to work hard. I believe some women are discouraged in cultures where men feel they are in charge. These women are afraid to show independence, because they are afraid it will discouraged their husband, boyfriend, or father. Few women break through this shell and declare independence in their

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