Beyonce's Pretty Hurts

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Pretty Hurts sung by Beyonce, is a song about female self empowerment and the pressure women receive, derived from a celebrity obsessed culture. It touches on serious stereotypical standards and expectations women are expected to meet and exceed in regards to female appearance, and the effects these standards are causing to your average girl in society today. The song presents the strong message of female self empowerment in a laid back catchy hit, however I feel when looking deeper into the lyrics it is much more than this. I felt as though Beyonce presented this serious topic in a confronting yet respectful manner, which helped me (as a teen in society) not only understand the reality of what is happening in our culture, but also a innovative…show more content…
In our current society, perfection is a goal and ambition women around the globe climb mountains of makeup, dieting and false perceptions, everyday to achieve. I feel in the first verse of Pretty Hurts, Beyonce addresses this growing situation and the emotions not only women, but many of both genders and a variety of ages, around the globe feel. When reading deeper into the lyrics I think we can see Beyonce is talking about the concept of societal pressures in a much more reflective tone, by referring to “Mama” as metaphorical parallel to society. She speaks of ‘society’ in a forceful tone, listing physical features as imperfections that must be fixed because that’s what matters most - “Brush your hair, fix your teeth. What you wear is all the matters.” I think this is a strong beginning to the song as the lyrics represent a strong appeal and connection to nearly everyone listening to the song, as it is such a universal topic that I think personally everyone struggles with at least a little bit in their lives, as I have felt this way numerous time throughout my 16 years of living. By having this appeal and interest early on in song, Beyonce is able to manipulate and draw her audience in to listen to more of the song that goes on to say and support the belief of self empowerment and most of all

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