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Statement of the Problem The main argument of this study stems from women in higher education are still not advancing to top paying jobs as fast as men even after the gender discrimination laws were made illegal. Although legislative policies have aided women in higher education; they are still underrepresented in senior level positions in higher education for various reasons. The first reason is a lack of women in lower-level positions having the opportunity to obtain senior level positions. Nevertheless, many are qualified and experienced, but they do not apply for these senior level positions. As a result, establishments lose a wealth of knowledge and skilled personnel for their organization (Hobbler, Lemmon, & Wayne, 2011). The second…show more content…
The qualitative research method was used to obtain a detail description of the women in higher education as they navigated beyond the glass ceiling. Theoretical framework The epistemology, theoretical perspective, and methodology (ETM) is embedded in constructing the theory of knowledge through social, trustworthy, and meaningful strategies. The theoretical framework for this study will be interpretive by the researcher in understanding how participants view a particular situation or phenomenon. The phenomenological approach focuses on the structural meaning of the person’s living experience. In addition, Schlossberg’s transition theory is utilized to understand the perceived demands and coping strategies used for transitioning. Research Questions The following research questions listed below guided the study: How do women senior level administrators in higher education who have broken through the “glass ceiling” make meaning of this phenomenon? The sub-questions below were used to answer the overarching…show more content…
Through a detailed analysis of the data themes the study revealed the challenges and victories women at the senior level experienced to obtain their position. The participants in the study provided valuable information based on their years of experience as a senior level administrator in higher education that will inspire women in middle level managerial positions. Their reality as senior level administrators in higher education has required hard work and sacrifice to achieve senior level status. It is important to note that these positions are obtainable through proper planning, guidance, and support.

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