Genghis Khan In The Making Of The Modern World Summary

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Genghis Khan was raised around tribal violence, had no formal education, and still managed to defeat every enemy who he faced until he was under control of all Eurasia. Overcoming great odds like his family being shunned by his clan or being captured by rival tribes grew him up to be the great success in life that he was. Known to kill all leadership threats there was, and unite nomadic tribes Khan kept many people loyal. Genghis Khan in the making of the modern world explains the life and accomplishments of the one of the most influential leaders in the world. Genghis Khan in the making of the modern world is a book by Jack Weatherford chronicling Mongolian warlord and leader Genghis Khan. This book tells the story of Khan from his early life, to his reign over Mongolia and most of Asia and Europe and how it came to be, and the many speculations on what caused his death. Weatherford discuss the positive effects Khan's reign had on the western population. He also feels that the Mongols have introduced us to things like warfare technology and strategies we still use today. This book has influence world history greatly by sharing a different point of view of Genghis Khan himself. Instead of focusing on the bad that Genghis Khan did Weatherford was more sympathetic to the Mongols.Reading this book will possibly give you insight on why things…show more content…
At one glance the making of the modern world part alone looks enticing and the reader may pick it up to find out who Genghis Khan is and how he exactly "made" the modern world. After reading the introduction they would be hooked and wanting to know more about this iconic man's life,and after getting engulfed in this page turner the reader will not be able to put the book down until they have read every page.This is the type of book to get you drawn in by the title and hope to buy the great detail and

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