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I've always been fond of baking cookies. They just give me so much control. I have the freedom to choose and create my own recipe. The leeway to add chocolate chips or omit the nuts. The choice of oatmeal cookies, or sugar cookies, or crinkles- the limit does not exist. Because of this, it's a form of stress relief for me during times of overwhelming pressure. The kind of pressure that keeps me up until three in the morning. The times I am over thinking, analyzing, and planning my every move. The pressure that takes away my freedom, leeway, and choices. The pressure of expectations. Expectations are inevitable. They are present at all times and during every situation. From the moment I was conceived, my parents already had expectations and…show more content…
Years of conditioning myself to high grades and extra-curricular involvement. To meet the high expectations I have set for myself. As if grades, intelligence, and hard work are synonymous. As if all these things are simply inborn. As if I don't struggle everyday trying to meet my own standards, always raising the bar higher and higher. The pressure of my own academic expectations. I expect myself to be able to do everything. To balance all my commitments and priorities. Like a cookie that lacks baking powder, I got too invested in meeting my own expectations to realize that I've spread myself too thin. Filling up my calendars and schedules with every opportunity. Meetings all day everyday, leaving me on the tipping point of a scale that never had the chance to balance out. The pressure of time management. Above all, I expect myself to meet all these expectations- without the realization that overworking my body and brain is starting to take a toll on my mental health. If I'm too caught up in pressure, I could burn myself out. The failure to cool cookies leaves them crumbling and falling apart. How much more heat do I need to be put under before I realize that I'm already falling apart? When will I realize that expecting too much from myself will just leave me even more

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