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Literacy is fundamental and necessary in our society because we use it in a daily basis. Most people in our society had a hard time with learning how to read and write in the early age and some still have trouble with it now, especially if English was their second language. For many individuals this could influence their interest in reading and writing today and how it affected them throughout their school performances. To answer the question, how does having English as a second language affect the students interest in literacy, research and personal interviews had to be done. Although the interview would have a variety of responses towards the answers that were being asked since there is not a right or wrong answer, these responses would give…show more content…
For Amy Herrera, English was the only language that was spoken at her house. She found that school helped her in learning how to read and write. When growing up, her mom used to read to her and helped her attain knowledge in literacy by using books, one of them being called Hooked on Phonics. This book is basically a step-by-step guide for literacy. Amy explained how she would first learn what each letter sounds like and then learn how to pronounce the word or phrase she is being taught. Although she found certain areas of literacy straightforward, she did have a difficult time with the language because for her it doesn’t make any sense. She explained how how “putting the adjective(s) before the noun and not having a phonetic language is tough” (Herrera). She also believes that having colloquial English is very different from the formal written English. Even though she found that difficult, she did have a easier time in “not having gendered nouns and adjectives to match said nouns and not having so many pronouns” (Herrera). Although she enjoys reading and writing, she explained how she also doesn’t have as much time as she used to because of all the school work she has to

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