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INTRODUCTION OF A NOVEL TINNITUS MANAGEMENT APPROACH BASED ON HEMISPHERIC CONFLICT INTRODUCTION: Tinnitus is defined as perception of sound which is involuntary, originates in the head or oversensitivity to external sound(McFadden 1982). Multiple mechanisms may be responsible within one individual (Jastreboff,1995) such as over activity of auditory cortex (Salvi et al, 2000);involvement of autonomic nervous system and limbic system (Cacace, 2003). Writing with both hands simultaneously creates incoordination between both hands which could be due to hemispheric conflict. Brain asymmetryallows the 2 sides of brain to become specialized, increasing its processing capacity and avoiding situations of conflict where both sides of brain take charge (Wilson 2009). TRT is used as an effective treatment for tinnitus but followed by certain consequences such as residual inhibition and facilitation. NEED FOR THE STUDY: The effect of TRT is not permanent since residual inhibition and facilitation occur after certain period of time. It takes 12-24 months for the individuals to get habituated to the negative reactions to tinnitus and its perception; which is a long term process. Thus, there is a need to invent a treatment procedure supplementary to TRT that will reduce and/or eliminate the consequences of…show more content…
The task included carrying out two different activities by making use of both hands simultaneously, such as writing names of railway stations from Thane to Dadar by reversing the order of their respective spellings using left hand while drawing rectangles using right hand.The level of difficulty of these tasks was increased in successive

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