Cultural Differences In Culture

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Differences in Culture Paper The United States and Mexico geographically share a common border, but when it comes to common traditions, cultures and history they are significantly different in their own way. If an American-based company wishes to become increasingly globally competitive, Mexico would be a great place and opportunity to create new supply chains. We are going to focus on the cultural differences between the two the countries and how it relates to an American-based company being successful in Mexico by adapting to these cultural differences. Before even trying to do business in Mexico there are some things that your company will have to take into consideration, the diversity in the work force, the Mexico’s different cultural…show more content…
We will use the information from that study to help determine what it will take for an American owned and operated company to be competitive and successful in the Mexico. Professor Geert Hofstede defines culture as “the collective programming of the mind distinguishing the members of on group or category of people from others” (Hofstede, Hofstede, & Minkov, 2010). Before we get into breaking down Professor Hofstede’s cultural dimensions of the United States and Mexico we also need to talk about the proper business etiquette and the differences in the two countries. If you are going to do business in Mexico just remember you are not just doing business with that person but a family, so in order to get to know the person you are trying to do business with it will also take getting to know their family also. In Mexico, personal relationships are a big key to be successful because they take pride in having relationships with their co-workers inside and outside of the workplace and in the United States those two seem to be separate. In the United States it seems…show more content…
The graph below is good visual aid that identifies the different categories of the cultural dimensions of both countries but also where they rank in accordance to each

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