Advantages And Disadvantages Of Kerala

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FUTURE PROSPECTS OF KERALA STATE ROAD TRANSPORT CORPORATION Abstract Nothing is more important to civilization than a well organized transport system. The role that it plays in the sustained development of a region is cardinal. It forms the backbone of economic development of any region because, for any economic activity both passenger and goods ‘mobility’ is essential. Kerala State Road Transport Corporation has been serving the general public of Kerala for more than seven decades. It plays a crucial role in strengthening the public transport system in Kerala. But today the corporation is facing a big crisis.Mismangement; hike in fuel price can be called as reasons for this crisis. Its present state of affairs is pitiable. Fact is, we cannot…show more content…
The fact is the ran out of cash to make payment.The transport department of Kerala points out that this crisis is mainly due to the introduction of pension scheme at par with Government to employees of KSRTC in the year 1984.It also underlines that the huge borrowings is made by the Corporation to meet this non-operating expenditure.In the financial crisis revival package issued by the transport department,they stresses on the formation of a ‘KSRTC Employees Pension Fund Trust’ to tackle the issue.they also emphasizes that the responsibility of pension fund management of KSRTC is to be entrusted with SBI Life or LIC or jointly by both because of their competence and expertise in the…show more content…
A complete rescheduling of routes will be done to accelerate the non-operating income. There is also a complaint that proper maintenance of buses is not done. This creates dissatisfaction amoung the commuters and makes them reluctant to avail the services.More technological advancements are yet to happen in the

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