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PTE Exam Pattern | PTE English test | PTE Exam Format Pearson Test of English, commonly known as PTE is the most preferable English language proficiency test. PTE Exam pattern is designed in such a way that it assesses listening, reading, writing and speaking abilities of the test takers in Academic settings. The total duration of the PTE test is 3 hours. Candidates, who wish to study in an English speaking country, need to take English language proficiency tests to demonstrate their English skills. PTE test scores are accepted by the prestigious and leading colleges, universities and educational organizations all around the world like UK, Australia, USA, Canada, New Zealand, and Ireland, including Harvard, Yale and INSEAD. PTE test scores…show more content…
You will receive the maximum scores if your response is correct for each item type. You will get no points, if your response is incorrect. Partial Credit Partial credit rules apply for item types that are correct, incorrect or partially correct. You will receive the maximum points available for each item type, if your response is correct. If your response is partially correct, you will receive some scores, but less than the maximum. For incorrect responses, you will not get any scores. Part of Test Item Type Skills Assessed Type of Scoring Listening Summarize Spoken Text Listening & Writing Partial Credit Fill in the Blanks Listening & Writing Partial Credit Write from Dictation Listening & Writing Partial Credit Highlight Incorrect Words Listening & Reading Partial Credit Select Missing Words Listening Correct/Incorrect Highlight correct summary Listening &Reading Correct/Incorrect Multiple Choice, Choose single answer Listening Correct/Incorrect Multiple Choice, Choose multiple answer Listening Partial Credit Reading Multiple Choice, Choose single answer Reading Correct / Incorrect Multiple Choice, Choose multiple answer Reading Partial…show more content…
The test scores are reported on the Global Scale of English. It is a standardized, numeric scale which ranges from 10 to 90. The scores can be accessed via an online account. Candidates will be given an email which will notify them once the scores are available. Students can see their scores by visiting the official website at Students can also send their scores to unlimited number of institutions free of charge once they have signed into their account. In case a student is disappointed with his score, he can take the test again. He can retake the PTE as many times as he wants to but he must wait until he has received his scores from the test before booking another. Prepare to Score high in PTE If your aim is to get 65+ in PTE, then start preparing for PTE with LinguaSoft EduTech. LinguaSoft EduTech has prepared comprehensive PTE preparation course inclusive of PTE practice tests, PTE Mock test, PTE eBooks and other free PTE study material. This course is exclusively meant for PTE aspirants who are aiming to get high scores in the PTE test. Our PTE practice tests contain 456 speaking item types, 192 Listening item types, 180 Reading items types, 48 writing item types, which are prepared by Pearson Certified

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