How Does Direct Instruction Affect Students Performance

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How direct instruction affects student’s performance Direct instruction refers to instructional approaches that are builds up, properly ordered and led by their instructors. It is how teachers presented lessons to students in every lecture or discussion. In short, it is how students were being directed by teachers. Classroom lectures is the most commonly associated with direct instruction, direct instruction includes a broad variety of teaching techniques and potential instructional scenarios. For example, presenting a lesson to student through videos or films could be considered as a direct instruction, even though the teacher is not verbally instructing the student the materials used and the content of it is prepared by teachers. In every activity that students need to prepare, they need guidance and coaching from their instructors. Guiding and coaching is an example of direct instruction. Demonstrating, lecturing and presenting are some basic techniques of direct instruction. Learning objectives for lessons, activities, and projects is also…show more content…
The points of view and experiences of those who assess teacher qualities influence how effective teachers are described.”(Touch the future….teach!, 2006) Teachers are not ordinary because they had a super power that touches every student. Behavior of teachers reflects on their relationship between their students. A positive aura of teachers makes student enjoy their academic life. Learning without enjoyment looks boring, but learning with fun looks interesting. The best teachers will never be forgotten, every words of wisdom and encouragement that comes out from their mouth will stays on every student’s life. Motivate, expect something good, instruct them in the right path are the way from every students’ heart and also in their success. Student’s performance is based on their teacher’s

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