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Everyone has struggled to meet expectations in school at some point in their lives, although there are students that push their limits because of impossible ideals set by the American school systems and colleges. In “Doing School”: How We Are Creating a Generation of Stressed Out, Materialistic and Miseducated Students, the author Denise Clark Pope poses the questions, “What can schools do in light of the constraints of college admission requirements and national education policies that spur competition for high grades and test scores? And, can students meet these expectations without sacrificing personal and academic goals and beliefs?” as the book progresses Pope’s questions are analyzed (Pope 6). As Pope wrote about what she observed in Eve, Kevin, Michelle, and Roberto, I made a personal connection with what I witnessed my best friend going through when we were in high school. Every student strives to be the star pupil at some point in their school career.…show more content…
Michelle felt out of place off the stage, and would make an effort to conceal her high grades and level of knowledge in fear of being used by the other students (Pope 108). She only feels as though she can be herself on stage and she can work at her full potential (Pope 109). Like Michelle, Isaiah felt that the arts served as an escape from his academic stresses. Yet he still had to push himself into a lead or supporting lead role ranging from the eldest son of the Von Trap family in the Sound of Music to Nathan Detroit in Guys and Dolls. Although after the pressures of academics build up Isaiah reaches his breaking point. He had a break down and as saying, “I love performing because they tell you what to say and how to act. Off stage I only know how to take test and answers.” This hurt to realize that my friend was so afraid of failure that he ended up giving up trying because of these

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