Pizza Production Research Paper

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Water A small amount of water is also needed in pizza dough production, and it is also for the customers’ use. The proponents will communicate with Crystal Clear Water Station for the delivery of six gallons of water per week with no delivery charge. One gallon of water costs PHP 20. Oil Oil can affect everything from the crispiness to flavor of the crust, as well as the way the dough handles during shaping. It acts as a lubricant in the dough, making it easier to stretch or sheet out in the forming process. The proponents will use canola oil which costs PHP 217.50 per two liters in Ana Basilio and will stock six liters per week. Salt The main role of salt in dough is for flavor; it is an essential seasoning. The proponents will store at…show more content…
The proponents will purchase at least 50 grams of yeast for the week’s consumption which costs PHP 30 in Ana Basilio Pizza sauce The pizza sauce is important in pizza making, because it is that which gives the whole dish its unifying flavor. By asking people who are knowledgeable in making pizza, we consider Del Monte as the best brand to use as our sauce. We will stock at least 50 kilograms per week, which costs PHP 160 per kilogram in Ana Basilio. Cheese Adding cheese is a very important task for pizza makers. The proponents will add cheese, which will be grated, to the pizza sauce. The proponents will store at least 45 bars of cheese. One bar (950g) costs PHP 336.50. Flavorings Pitsa Konos’ products include Hawaiian, Pepperoni, Simply Cheese, Ham and Cheese, Bacon and Mushroom, Double Bacon and Meat Lover Pizza. Ham Ham will be used for Hawaiian and Ham and Cheese, and can also be an additional toppings for other flavors. It costs PHP 178 per kilogram in Antang and the proponents will purchase four kilograms per week. Pineapple Tidbits Pineapple tidbits will be the main toppings used in Hawaiian Pizza. One can (560 g) costs PHP 53.60 in Ana Basilio. The proponents will purchase three cans per…show more content…
These will be provided by the service providers in the Philippines. Electricity is the main utility requirement for the business to operate. In operating Pitsa Konos’ business, it requires huge amount of electricity to run its machineries and equipment; machineries like oven, as it is the most important machinery for the operation of Pitsa Konos, it requires electricity to be able to create the business’ main product. Electricity will also set the atmosphere for Pitsa Konos’ store in relation to its proper lighting and ambiance. The store’s electricity will be provided by Manila Electric Company (MERALCO), which is the main source of electricity in the Philippines. As an alternative supply, the proponents agreed to have a generator in case of unexpected brown-outs or electrical disorders. Another important utility that the proponents will have to consider is the water supply; Water performs tasks such as cleansing the raw materials, kitchen utensils, machines and equipment, and most importantly the store, to maintain its cleanliness and sanitation to ensure safety of the customers. This will only be provided by the MAYNILAD Water

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