Essay On Expectation On Student Performance

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How expectation affects student’s performance One way to make student’s learning progress is expectation. Expectation has an effect on student’s performance. It can lead something impossible to possible. If their instructor expect them to be something that they think they can’t be, they will push themselves to make it happen. Teacher’s expectation has a major effect on every student performances. Teacher’s behavior that is connected with high or low expectancies is divided into four categories: socio-emotional climate, input, output, and affective feedback. All of this can affect student’s performance. Socio-emotional climate is defined as the personal behavior of the instructor like smiling, nodding and friendliness. Input is defined as the relationship of teacher to student, how they interact, their teaching skills, and how difficult of their given problem as an assignment, seat works, and written exams. Output is defined as how teacher calls on during discussions, how they provide clues and repeating questions, and how patient they are to wait for their student’s response. Affective feedback is define how they criticize and praise their student’s work, how they expressed anger because of their student’s performance.…show more content…
Learning objectives for lessons, activities, and projects is also part of direct instructions it helps students to make a way on their goals. Lessons, projects and assignments that is well-organized and properly sequenced make student’s understanding progress. Lecturing the instructions or steps in an activity helps students know what they are expected to do. Clear explanations, descriptions, and illustration in every lecture provide knowledge and ability to every student. It is also effective if teachers ask question to make sure if they understand the lesson, it is also for the student’s sake so they can clarifies something they don’t

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