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RUA Ethical Dilemma Karina Jankuc Chamberlain College of Nursing Professor Shakira Henderson August 7, 2014 According to the American Nurses Association, ethics, moral courage, and distress are real life dilemmas that nurses are faced with everyday. “Nurses encounter these dilemmas in situations where our ability to do the right thing is frequently hindered by conflicting values and beliefs of other healthcare providers.” Some nurses may confront the ethical issues directly while others look away. Moral courage helps us address ethical issues and take action when doing the right thing is not easy, it also involves the willingness to speak out and do what is right in the face of forces that would lead us to act in other ways. Those…show more content…
This paper reflects a previous clinical experience and how even I had to overcome a personal ethical dilemma. During my last clinical rotation at Joe D’Maggio, I shadowed an experienced nurse around the “Step Down” wing of the hospital’s Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. I was lead into one of the patient’s room and I peered over a crib to assess a little girl that was assigned to my nurse. As I got close, I noticed that this two year old girl wasn’t the typical toddler that you would see playing outside. She was hooked to a feeding tube, had a tracheostomy, and had the help of a ventilator to provide the necessary oxygen that she needed to help her with what she couldn’t do on her own, something as simple as breathing. After observing I couldn’t help but to notice that the child was very much…show more content…
As a nurse one day, if faced with this dilemma again, I feel that it is important to find that time to educate the parents. Some parents may not be aware of all the services needed to meet their child’s needs or be able to afford them. Thus, informing families about resources in the community and how to access them important. I think I would also make it a priority to continue to stay in regular contact through formal and informal conferences, phone calls, notes, and e-mails and keeping a record of all communication with family members, including dates and the content of the

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