Nursing Leadership Style Analysis

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Nursing is a profession that works persistently to maintain its focus on the improvement of a patient’s current health condition, and to provide care that leads to complete satisfaction. Nurses are responsible for the well-being of their patients, and they too must be satisfied with the care they provide. Without these components, a nursing unit is at a higher risk to not be successful in meeting patient satisfaction goals. A nurse manager must work to maintain a work environment that will support not only better patient outcomes, but also provide a satisfactory work environment for their employees. An article by Malloy and Penprase (2010) stated, “Leadership style has been identified as a significant contributing factor in creating a healthy…show more content…
Patient’s should not have to suffer in any way, or not get care of the highest quality possible for the simple fact that a manager’s leadership style is affecting the staff. In order to bring about change, the change agent must be aware of the current situation and every detail as to why things are the way they are. One possible solution for this issue comes from within the nurse manager. Before a registered nurse is promoted into the managing position, a self-evaluation needs to be done. One must be aware of their own strengths, but even more importantly, their weaknesses as well. Having many years of experience on the floor, does not mean that a nurse would be the right candidate to take a managing, and leading…show more content…
Ultimately the ones who suffer the most from failed management is the patients receiving care, therefore, this is not a small issue at all. Addressing the issue of nursing leadership styles impacts the health needs of society for that reason alone. Any kind of patient whether in critical condition or close to discharge is vulnerable, and they need the strength of their nurses to help increase the quality of their life. This plan would also impact the nursing profession in such a positive way. If this plan to utilize multiple factors to help the nurse become a manager and also a leader, was used every single time someone was hired there would be more success rates of a manager being placed in the appropriate

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