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Concept Synthesis on Personal Philosophy of Nursing The primary purpose of this assignment is to describe and analyze the author’s perspective on the four concepts of the nursing metaparadigm as well as their application into nursing practice. In addition, the author will propose two concepts pertinent to practice and discuss how these concepts relate to his nursing philosophy and professional foundation for practice. Nursing Autobiography The nursing profession offers many areas of opportunity for professional development. However, this author has been steadfast in his belief that the provision of primary care to underserved and stigmatized populations is where his knowledge and competencies can be best utilized for the good of his community.…show more content…
It was a very challenging and complex environment given the depth and breadth of knowledge required to manage antiretroviral medications (ARVs) aimed at suppressing the virus in order to avoid opportunistic infections and prevent further damage to the patients’ immune system. Most recently, the author provided healthcare services in a church-sponsored clinic where the patients are homeless and uninsured. Most enlightening about this experience was to gain a first-hand understanding of the underlying psychiatric issues as well as a history of substance abuse affecting homeless populations. Concepts of the Nursing Metaparadigm Every professional discipline is guided by a broad conceptual framework, a unique perspective that outlines the world view, focus, and dimensions of a profession. Nursing is no exception; Butts & Rich (2013) elaborate further by proposing that a metaparadigm is “the most abstract viewpoint of a discipline” (p. 87). Traditionally speaking, there are four established central concepts in the nursing metaparadigm. These agreed upon concepts represent domain areas for nursing professionals and include (a) person, (b) nursing, (c) health, and (d) environment. (Bender & Feldman, 2015, p. 98).…show more content…
As it is the case in the previous three concepts, environment is not a literal construct limited to the physical setting in which the patient receives nursing care. Instead, environment may include the patient’s home, neighborhood, and community as these surroundings may influence not only the individual’s health status but also his or her perception of health. (Marchuk, 2014, p. 268). This author would argue that environment plays a much more significant role in nursing practice than what it is conventionally attributed. This assertion is based on the effects that environmental influences have on an individual’s health status. For instance, an individual from an affluent environment has access to proper nutrition with all its health benefits; whereas, environmental factors such as poverty, violence, lack of education, and improper nutrition all have significant negative implications on a person’s health, access to healthcare, and health

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