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Ethical Dilemma Assignment In the profession of nursing, nurses are frequently confronted with ethical dilemmas. In the area of pediatrics a nurse should mentally prepare herself for numerous potential scenarios. One such scenario includes the parents of a child refusing blood transfusions that are necessary to save the child’s life. This paper will examine the ethical dilemma in pediatric nursing of a parent’s refusal of blood products for their child; apply relevant principles from the ANA Code of Ethics, and analyze possible resources used for resolution and dilemma outcomes. Ethical Dilemma One ethical dilemma that may be encountered in the field of pediatrics is the parents of a child refusing necessary blood transfusions for their…show more content…
The dilemma is whether or not the nurse honor or fight the parent’s decision to refuse treatment. In honoring the parent’s decision the nurse maintains their autonomy however it is debatable whether or not the nurse would be acting with beneficence and nonmaleficence. It comes down to an analysis of values. One could argue that you can honor the right to refuse and maintain beneficence and nonmaleficence because the values of the patient are that in order to maintain a good standing with God and the religious group refusal of this type of treatment is necessary (Macklin, 2003). In the case of the pediatric patient however, they are not necessarily old enough to make a determination of religious beliefs and values at the time. It is not uncommon for legal intervention, in which the state takes custody temporarily and lifesaving blood transfusions are administered despite parent refusal (Bock, 2012). Some studies find that the parents are sometimes relieved to have the decision taken out of their hands because the church forgives the act when the decision is made by an outside party (Bock, 2012). This analysis still leaves the question of whether the nurse should honor or refuse to honor the parents desire to withhold…show more content…
It is important that the medical provider deliver the parents all of the information available as to the health issue, treatment options, prognosis, and probable outcomes given the treatment selected. Once the parents have been adequately informed the nurse could work with the parents through the decision making process. It is important that the nurses not impose their views upon the family and allow the family to weight the options while taking into consideration all of the information available. Using the principles of beneficence and nonmaleficence the nurse must then establish their values and take action consistent with these values. This may involve providing the family to alternative options to blood products, providing access to a clergy leader, taking the case to the ethics committee, or going to the legal department for state

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