Personal Statement: Why I Want To Nursing School

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When I was a freshman in college, I decided to go to nursing school because I wanted to help people during their time of need. Throughout my undergraduate career, I learned many ways that nurses can help patients. Since graduation I have been working in a fast-paced emergency department taking care of patients using the knowledge and skills I learned in nursing school. My ER experience gave me a new perspective on patient care and the negative impact patients suffer because of poorly managed chronic diseases. Many of these issues could have been addressed and improved by a primary care provider. Having the ability to potentially impact the lives of patients and their families by appropriately managing their health problems is the primary motivator…show more content…
While pursuing my graduate degree, I will continue to work as an ER nurse. I plan on obtaining an additional certification called Certified Emergency Nurse to boost confidence when treating patients and to maximize the quality of patient care. Once I gain more experience in the nursing field, I would like to educate others by teaching as a clinical instructor for one of the local nursing programs. I love teaching and being a clinical instructor is the perfect way to prepare for one of my future long-term goals. After earning a DNP degree, I would like to work in a primary care setting. In addition, I would also like to dedicate some of my time to educating nursing students. I would ultimately like to split my work time between primary care and being a nursing school professor either at the undergraduate or graduate level. In my spare time, I would like to volunteer with The Family Health Centers in Louisville. Organizations like Family Health Centers rely on healthcare professionals to treat patients who have minimal access to healthcare and to meet the needs of those who depend on these

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