Snow Day In Nursing Chapter Summaries

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The book starts in a small town by Portland, Oregon, where Mia lives with her parents and her brother. It is a lovely morning and they are eating breakfast. Then on the radio it lets them know that there is no school due to the snow. Since Mia's dad is an english teacher at the school he does not have t work. Then her mom calls for the day off and now they are able to spend a snow day together. Mia is really good at playing the cello and her dreams are to make it into Julliard. She has recently auditioned for juilliard two months ago. Julliard is in New York and she hopes she can start studying there after she graduates from high school. After they are done with breakfast they all jump in the car. They want to go visit some close friends. After that they also…show more content…
After the surgery she is taken to a room where it's an intensive care unit because Mia is still in coma. Her grandparents are able to visit her, but her boyfriend and best friend aren't allowed in because they are not relatives. They really want to see Mia but they aren't allowed in. Adam calls his friend for help because he is part of a popular band. The band goes and plays for the hospital so the nurses can be distracted. The outcome was not as good as they expected. They were still not let in. The family's friend Willow is a nurse in another hospital and uses his connections to let Adam and Kim in to see Mia. Mias is trying to find her brother Teddy. She thinks that Willow is taking care of him in the other hospital. Then she finds out that her brother Teddy is no longer alive. This causes Mias physical body to go in cardiac arrest, and she is rushed into the operating room to fix a perforation in her abdomen. After the surgery Mia is brought to the same room because she is still in coma. The nurse tells her relatives that it's not up to the doctors anymore. It's all up to Mia if she wants to live or

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