Essay On Personal Hygiene

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With all the pharmacological aids and health care in our society there is a rise on the elderly population. Do to this rise, there is an increase in nursing home residents which created a higher demand for Certified Nursing Assistants or CNA’s in order to match the increased demand in personal care. The demand was so great that is was reported “that more that 90% of America’s nursing homes had too few workers” (Hefner pg.283). With numerous CNA’s over booked with patients and daily individual patient health schedules, the profession is challenging to fulfil all of the basic, every day personal hygiene steps. Numerous residents in a nursing home require personal aid in order to do daily tasks such as showering, brushing teeth, changing clothes, and even using the restroom. If help is not provided, the patient in need might have no choice but to go on without doing one of these basic selfcare needs. One of the most common basic personal hygiene steps missed or neglected in the nursing home is oral care. One study shows that self-reported oral hygiene habits of residents were poor, with less than one-third of residents cleaning their teeth twice daily or more. Periodontal health was found to be extremely poor, and
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