Importance Of Fall Safety In Nursing

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Patient safety is the foundation of high quality health care. Patients came to hospital to get better from their sickness not to have more complications from preventable incidents. One of the major threats to patient safety during hospitalization is fall. Fall can cause additional injury or illness that can affect quality of life and recovery. Nurses play a critical role in patient safety through their constant presence at the bed side. Karen Drenkared, PH. ,D. ,RN,FAAN states that nurses are the “ safety guardians” for their patients (Laureate Education, 2009 ) .It is true nurses are the one at the bed side closely provide care to the patient and interact with other health care team to deliver coordinated care. Therefore, nurses play an important role in ensuring patient safety by performing countless tasks to ensure patient receive high…show more content…
The hospital that I work uses Morse Fall Scale which is a simple tool for assessing patients for fall risk and implementing intervention based on the score. The initial screening for fall risk begins during admission. The admitting nurse perform and document the initial fall risk assessment. If a patient is a high risk for fall, patient will be given yellow armband, yellow sacks, yellow blanket and yellow high risk for fall sign outside of the patient room so that staff are immediately aware of the patient’s special needs and provide special care to prevent injury while at the hospital. Nurses and patient care technicians (PCT) make hourly rounds on all patient to make sure all of their needs are taking care of. Moreover, recently in my unit, we started a “Voiding Sheet” which includes a

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