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The Processes of Envisioning and Rehearsing Using Narrative The creating and recreating storylines help the nurses to evaluate various situations and develop skills. Stories assist the development of the aesthetic knowledge through acting various types of situations. These storylines should not necessarily regard real case or be anecdotic. They could give the possibility to improve imagination, to form the skills, and to form the grounds for the future personal and professional development. Throughout history, storytelling has been used to spread information, not only in nursing, but also in all kinds of science and folklore. Telling stories and listening evaluates the connections between knowledge and practical tools. Narratives provide the helpful ways to learn, grow professionally, and conduct research. Moreover, it is a useful tool for the mentors to teach new practitioners and reflect skills. Reflection is the step from theory to practice that develops working intelligence. A key recommendation in the narrative reflects the change in academic culture. Now, theoretical training is only half the process. Practical exercises are necessary in order to become a real student of the nurse. The notion of a narrative nursing dates back to Florence Nightingale. Those…show more content…
This process includes coordination of all muscles of the body. Coordinated balance requires sequences in the movements of the body parts. Every movement has its style. This tool is individual, but it can be encouraged. Nonverbal ways, such as a touch of the hand to the shoulder, a pat on the back or a hug allows the nurse to inform a person of affection, emotional support, acceptance, and empathy. Another significant issue in the movement is timing. It involved rhythm and particular moves within a certain period. The idea that "timing is everything" most certainly applies to the artistic validity of the nursing

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