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Year 11 Business Planning Task [INSERT YOUR BUSINESS LOGO] [Kerela Gallagher] [] [Dogs on wheels] [Melbourne ] [Dogs on Wheels ] Business Plan Prepared Wednesday 19th of august 2015 Contents The Business 5 Business details 5 Registration details 5 Business premises 5 Management & ownership (Human Resources) 5 Products/services 5 Operations 7 Production process 7 Suppliers 7 Plant and equipment 8 Inventory 8 Technology 8 Communication channels 8 Quality control 8 The Market 9 Market research 9 Sales targets 9 Your customers 9 S.W.O.T. analysis 10 Your competitors 11 Advertising & sales 12 The Finances 13 Key objectives 13 Assumptions 13 Start-up costs for 2015 14 Profit and loss forecast 15 Expected cash flow 16 Break-even analysis 17 Supporting documentation 18 The Business…show more content…
Also people who can’t access transport to shops this service is mobile. Sales targets 5 dog washes plus any other services a day estimated around 60 dollars per dog. Around 150 dogs per month equalling to around $9,000 per month making the business estimate to making $108,000 a year. Your customers Customer demographics The target customers will be young adults,middle aged and elderly usually middle classed to high class usually really busy people who don’t have enough time at home to wash walk and groom their dogs but still want their beloved animals to be groomed and walked. Key Key customers will be busy business people who spend most of their time at work rather than home, It will be targeted in a way to them that is easy and efficient. S.W.O.T. analysis [List each of your businesses strengths, weaknesses, opportunities or threats in the table below and then outline how you plan to address each of the weaknesses/threats.] Strengths Weaknesses Mobile business No rent

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