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Brand Loyalty of Consumer Packaged Food Products (A Study with Reference to Salem District) CHAPTER –I Introduction and Design of the Study 1.1 Introduction In the new emerging business scenario brands are unavoidable and vital marketing force of any organization. Brand is the sum of the perceptions that are held about a person, a company or a product. This includes perception held by both external and internal audience and stakeholders. Brands have a social and emotional value for the users (Freire and Caldwell, 2004) . Branding on the other hand is described as the universe of activities undertaken that affect those perceptions. In order to effectively build a positive brand perception, one must engage in both internal and external activities…show more content…
Brand loyalty undergoes several steps where in the first step the marketers create brand awareness. At this stage, the marketers ensure that the brand exists in the market. Brand loyalty provide several advantages including its ability to facilitate long term profit to the firm, decrease operating cost and increase price premium (Mustafa, 1999) . Hence, it shows that brand loyalty is a precious asset for every brand (Mittal and Lassar, 1998) . Brand loyalty of a brand is fully based on usage experience of the consumers and it cannot exist without prior purchase and use experience. Therefore, it is most essential to know the core of the brand loyalty and its components. Apart from this brand loyalty is also conceptualized based on the additional perspectives which are demonstrated by the intension to buy the brand as a primary choice. The present study consider brand loyalty as the combination of various common and sub components such as brand awareness, brand image, brand trust, perceives quality, risk aversion, brand performance, brand association, brand commitment, brand satisfaction and brand perspective. There are many studies which are related to brand loyalty but there are limited studies which are available in the field of consumer packaged food…show more content…
 It is apparent from the analysis that there is a reflective association between general opinion on brand loyalty and cluster of perfidious customers, ardent customer and flabbergasts customers.  The cluster association established that there is a strong association between the general opinion on brand loyalty and cluster of communicate customers, upright customers and excited customers.  The non parametric chi- square analysis reveals that the general opinion on brand loyalty and cluster of delighted customers, affable customers and anticipated customers.  There is a significant level of relationship between the general opinion on brand loyalty and cluster of warm hearted customers, euphoric customers and factual customers.  The Non parametric chi-square analysis described that there is profound association between the general opinion on brand loyalty and place of the residence like urban, semi-urban and rural area.  There is an association between the age of the customers similar to 20-30,31-40,41-50,51-60 and 60 and above and general opinion on brand loyalty of consumer packaged food

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