Walmart Argumentative Essay

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Today big corporations make up most of the supermarkets in the United States. These corporate giants like Walmart have steadily worked their way to monopolize the grocery business. Walmart often feed images of wide varieties of fresh produce stacked high to their customers. Consumers will often fall victim to the companies schemes because there aren’t any other store to compete. Walmart in a way tricks customers into believing that the money being spent at their stores are well worth it since due to quality and price of their produce. These corporations work to appeal to customers wants and needs through research and data. They’ve found that the key aspect consumers look for is freshness produce and Walmart has worked to develop new techniques on food preservation and presentation. Often advertising that their prices can’t be beat. Many consumers do not realize what goes on behind closed doors of Walmart, a former employee talks about how her coworker…show more content…
With all the revenue that Walmart is generating how is it that the quality of these goods do not rise. It is often said that many of Walmart’s workers are from a poor uneducated background and often poorly manage the produce. A coworker of McMillian’s expresses her frustratation the manager’s lack of knowledge when it came to produce, “Randy doesn’t understand about the freshness. If there’s an expiration date, there’s a reason for it, you know? He’ll just say, Oh, it looks fine, but if you look close, it doesn’t.” With people like this who have a complete disregard for the health of their customers, how are these stores still staying open? I’m sure the majority of the American shoppers would be furious if they found out that expired produce was being put back on shelves for people to

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