A Rhetorical Analysis Of Mcdonalds

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Leave your morning mood behind.. In the advertisement, it is shown how the DDB company created this advertisement for McDonald's to try and communicate with grumpy morning people. It shows an image of a man made out of fireworks. The fireworks represents how a person might feel in the morning ,but it is not the best image to connect with people. Usually mcdonalds advertisements have food on them and they make it look so desirable, but this one does not and this makes it harder for someone to understand what the ad is trying to convey. Also, the ad does not catch the people's attention. The Mcdonald’s advertisement is somewhat effective because even though it lacks both the rhetorical appeal logos (logic) and ethos (credibility), but the rhetorical…show more content…
The advertisement was made by DDB Tribal company in Vienna, Austria. It is a company that likes to make very unique advertisements. The company was founded in 1986, and it is a worldwide marketing communications network that has made some good advertisements for major companies. DDB is a highly ranked advertising agency. The company made three different McDonalds advertisement but have the same idea, all which are a person made up of fireworks, cactus and bubbles. The main focus is the man made out of fireworks. At first when someone looks at the ad they might not get the message right away. A man made out of fireworks is a strange way to show how one might feel in the morning. It's not a very clear message and it will take a while for someone to understand it because people ignore the…show more content…
Usually, people are cranky early in the morning. On the bottom right corner of the page is says “Leave your mornings mood behind” with a big M next to it representing Mcdonald's. The credibility is maybe presented a little because the advertisement was made for Mcdonalds and workers in McDonalds can probably justify the mood office workers have in the morning; however, the advertisement does not really promote McDonald’s itself. It is basically telling people what to do rather than convincing people to come to McDonald’s for their food, just how every other McDonald’s advertisements.The fact they are stereotyping office workers and telling people what to do (phrase from the ad) is really not a best way to promote the fast food

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