Givenchy Ad Analysis Essay

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Givenchy is a fancy brand that sells a variety of products that could be found appealing by all of its loyal consumers. Like all other advertisements, each have some aspects featured to attract its target audience. However in this particular ad, while it may not be clear, the target audience is men. With men being the target audience, it is very likely that this advertisement could easily be passed by seeing as not many males care for cologne advertisements. However with that in mind, it is through studying the design elements that it can be determined what the target audience is and how they are to be drawn in once their attention is fully immersed into the advertisement. If anyone were to flip through and merely glance at this advertisement,…show more content…
There is not too much going on that would distract a consumer, but just enough to lead someone to its sole purpose. The attention of the consumer is automatically drawn to the two people. While every other part of the advertisement is shown to be in the shadows, both the man and the woman are directly in the light. Thus, guiding the eyes towards them. The man is dressed in a suit while the woman is wearing a blouse, skirt, and heels. While typically men might be more drawn to the woman, the lingering is cut short as her face is covered by a part of the umbrella and her hair. This signifies that the woman is not the important part of the advertisement like the man might be. Her eyes are just barely visible to see that she is looking at the man. With that, the focus is immediately shifted towards the man. When continuing to study the advertisement, it becomes quite noticeable that out of the two models, only the man is given an identity while the woman remains anonymous. In the bottom left corner, the name Simon Baker appears referring to the man. The man could be more easily recognized among some men as he is an actor. However, if that does not do it, the man does have more of a glow to him since there is more lighting behind him and his skin is brighter. Perhaps after seeing the man, it appeals to the consumer and conveys to the person that they too can be like him. That they can be a gentleman. As for the

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