Campbell Soup Company Executive Summary

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The CEO's strategy made significant progresses during the past years which is stabilized its core business: soup and simple meals. In 2014, its net sales increased 3% to $8,268 billion (2014 annual report) and revenues increased of 2.7% over the fiscal year 2013. However, gross profit decreased even though net sales increased during the last fiscal year. Gross profit decreased by $14 million in 2014 from 2013. As a percentage sale, gross profit was 35.1% in 2014, 36.2% in 2013 and 39.2% in 2012 (2014 Annual report). Additionally, in the recent report that is its second fiscal quarter, which ended Feb. 1. Campbell informed of lower sales and earnings. According to the report, sales fell to $2.23 billion, a 2% drop from that same quarter last…show more content…
Manufacturers in this industry compete on many different elements including product price, innovation, product quality, brand recognition and consumer loyalty, marketing strategy, activity of promotion, the ability to recognize trend in the market and satisfy consumer desires. Campbell Soup Company is one of the major players among its competitors such as Del Monte Foods Company, General Mills Inc, and TreeHouse Foods Inc (IBISWorld). Del Monte is one of the largest producers in food products for the U.S. retail market and in total, the company made over $3.8 billion in net sales in 2013. General Mills Inc. is a global manufacturer and marketer of branded consumer food products which being sold in over 100 around the world. Lastly, TreeHouse Food Inc's products include nondairy powdered creamers, private label canned soups, broths and others. Also it sells branded products under its own brands on a regional basis to retailers…show more content…
For examples, according to the article, Campbell has come out with a new blueberry and vanilla almond milk under the Bolthouse label, as well as a new “ultra premium” cold-pressed juice called 1915. Campbell also recently announced a line of organic soups, and Ms. Morrison said retailers have welcomed the company’s premium soups (The New York Times). In addition, the company plans to roll out new innovations in each years. Strong R&D capabilities will help the company to lift its customer base and increase its market share

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