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‘Advertising should not be product oriented, rather it must be customer oriented’. This is a strategy followed by business entities in today’s world where the customer satisfaction is taken into consideration and the product is designed according to needs and demand of its audience. Over the years, advertising has been one of the major elements of marketing. It plays a significant role in achieving the objectives of a firm. It emphasizes on the fact that customer satisfaction is the key to the survival and growth of a business. Companies spend millions along with precious time in making an advertisement for the product to be sold. But in accordance, for the effort they put in, the return on investment could be double or even more just by convincing their target audience on a…show more content…
I think the advertisers have done a great job in using a perfect combination of Logos, Pathos and Ethos. The advertisement starts off with an intention to emotionally influence its customer. This is a use of pathos by creating a sense of guilt and caution in the mind of the audience. In simple words, Pathos is playing with the reader’s emotion. The quote at the beginning written in uppercase “There are some things you just can’t afford to gamble with” is very powerful and it indirectly implies you not to take chances with your teeth. Also the strong choice of words such as “gamble” and “afford” makes the reader more conscious about his teeth. It also mentions that “When you get cavity , there is no second chance” which means that, when you play with a dice or gamble you always have second chance but that’s not the case with your teeth , once Gone , it is gone forever. I feel this is a mix of both Pathos and Logos as not having a second chance would create a sense of fear in the audience’s mind but at the same time it is also a fact that if you don’t brush your teeth, you would get serious rotting and tend to lose them one day, which is quite

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