Essay On Society Without Regulations

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Without rules our society would probably be a different place. Think about it, if there were no rules how would we maintain order. People would do whatever they felt like doing and of course there would those that would be doing the “right thing”, but what is the “right thing” in a society without regulations. How can you prosecute someone when there are no rules in place to say that what this individual did was wrong? “If we did not live in a structured society with other people, laws would not be necessary. We would simply do as we please, with little regard for others. But ever since individuals began to associate with other people -- to live in society --laws have been the glue that has kept society together “ For example, the law in the United States states that we…show more content…
Laws are in place as a way to resolve the problems that occur in everyday life. It would be hard to find someone that would say that rules are unnecessary in a society, but why is it so easy to find people that argue about the regulations that businesses must follow? Should businesses be regulated? Absolutely, In the wake of the 2009 finanical crisis many people were asking for more regulations on businesses because without more rules businesses would be free to do as they like and who could blame them for asking for this? Look how long it took for the US to recover from the 2009 finanical crisis. Businesses play such a critical role in the economy they cannot be allowed to regulate themselves. The governments rational for regulating businesses is to make sure that businesses, in general, all play by the same rules so, businesses that act unethical and risky cannot adversely affect the economy. Businesses should be regulated because their goal is to make a profit and maximize their earnings, that’s it, and if they were left to regulate themselves you might see monoploies in certain industries and this would not be good for the consumer and the
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