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SWOT ANALYSIS Strengths Premium high quality products, high quality materials and innovative designs, corporate social responsibility, Strong brand awareness, Community involvement and charitable actions, Brand Equity, Storefront distribution, Innovative, Unique employee culture Weaknesses Perceived female focus, Relatively unknown brand, Price point, Limited locations Opportunities Become market expert, Product diversification, Line extensions, Ecommerce, Expansion to other countries Threats Low barriers to entry, Rapid expansion, Low brand recognition in new markets, Failure of third party suppliers Introduction “Young Active Thinking Women” - women who are appearance-conscious, physically fit/active, well educated, aged 16-45, in the upper to middle class and residing in North America are the current primary target market of Lululemon. Lululemon as a brand is going after a very narrowly defined market segment (niche marketing) in which they had great success so far. Because they have developed so far very strong, loyal following, Lululemon could engage in multi-brands branding strategy to further capitalize on the yoga and non-yoga apparel needs as well as on widening of their customer base, such are targeting the “Pre-teen…show more content…
There were also rumours that they struck a deal with some NHL clubs and players to wear Lululemon’s underwear. Male perception that Lululemon is mostly “female” brand was tested (and consequently proved) by conducting survey, where men were shown 4 pictures; two of them were associated with Lululemon, the other two not. 56% of male respondents did not associate images of men with Lululemon at all, 31% of men correctly associated one of the images with Lululemon. Conclusion of survey was that there may be some awareness of sports and Lululemon, since running had the highest association by survey

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