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  • Informative Essay: Why Cross Country Is A Sport

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    Running hills, cursing sprints and practically passing out after pushing your body to the limits during races? Most would say cross country is a sport for the insane. Honestly, cross country is indeed for those who don’t quite have it all together. However, while running on those hour long runs, you begin to piece together why you do this to yourself. I chose cross country because it is a sport that means much more than just earning a patch or two to place upon a lettermen jacket. Cross country,

  • Informative Essay On France's 'Hundred Years' War

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    Research Country: Argumentative Essay INTRODUCTION Thesis: Take a stand and argue it. The country of ____France____ is the _most_intresting_ country in the world. Hook: A statement or question at the beginning of an essay that grabs the reader’s attention. The hook should be about the same general topic as your thesis. Write your hook below. Imagine traveling to a country full of rich history, amazing culture, and beautiful attractions. That country is France. BODY PARAGRAPHS (3 TOTAL)

  • Informative Essay: My Role As An Orchestra Player

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    With the development of music society, more and more people love to listen classical music. As an orchestra player, we love to communicate with the audience who support our passion and expression, and also to share the music idea with them. In my opinion, if I am a player in the orchestra and would play in making the orchestra a vital, relevant, and necessary cultural force, I would like to illustrate some point to make it. First of all, music cannot be attractive without player to make the music

  • Informative Essay Outline: Walt Disney's Films

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    Walt Disney Valerie San Luis Mr. Jonathan Marshall Harvest Christian Academy February 9. 2015 Outline Introduction: Attention Getter: Mickey Mouse appears to come off as a happy animated character, but believe it or not, Walt Disney himself did not live such an easy life. Thesis Statement: Walt Disney gradually devoted his career to making films that gained popularity from the public. Body: I. Disney experienced many ups and downs during the first years of his career but faced them

  • Informative Essay: Why Golf Is The Best Sport International

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    In my opinion, golf is the greatest sport ever invented. I am a part of the southeastern golf tour and the national young teen PGA association. The southeastern golf tour is a group of young teens who play in golf tournaments all over the south. The tour also helps out the food bank in several towns. The national young teen PGA association has one yearly meeting to discuss golf as a whole. We talk about if golf is growing or reducing. We also talk about more clinics we could have to grow the

  • Informative Essay: Christianity Against Rock And Roll Music

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    Laquisha Campos Period 1 Christianity Against Rock and Roll Music Christians hold opposing views towards things they deem immoral such as rock and roll. Since the emergence of rock and roll in the nineteen-fifties, it evolved throughout time with many new genres such as Metal, New Wave, and Progressive, to name a few, challenged the ideals of Christianity. They believe that a rock and roll ‘soup’ stereotypically promotes Satan, sex and drugs, and homosexuality. As rock and roll

  • Informative Essay: The Jersey Shore Reality TV Show

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    The Jersey Shore was a reality television show aired on MTV from 2009 to 2012. The show followed around 8 housemates as they partied, fought, engaged in inebriated intercourse, vacationed and worked their summer at the Jersey Shore. The cast members included Pauly D, JWoww, Snooki, Mike, Ronnie, Sammi, Vinny, Angelina and Deena. The reality television show the “Jersey Shore” is entirely contradictory and centered around vanity, violence and sexual conduct. The significant patterns that emerged from

  • Informative Essay On Paying College Athletes Get Paid

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    Kenny Ly Stafford English IV 6 February 2015 Senior Research Essay The topic of paying college athletes has risen in recent years. It has been argued that the athletes exploited by their colleges and not getting paid. The NCAA brings in millions in revenue each year by television, advertising and licensing. The school also benefit from merchandising sales, ticket sales, and donations. Some college schools have their own televised network that they can benefit or profit off of. Brigham Young University

  • Informative Essay On How To Make A Sushi Roll In The United States

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    I. Raise your hand if you like sushi. Raise your hand if you think sushi is too expensive. The other day, I was researching various sushi menus in Manhattan and in the more popular places of Brooklyn (Willamsburg), and found out a simple California Roll costs around $5 dollars. $5 dollars for six pieces! And then there are the recent all you can eat sushi joints and you can get unlimited rolls for around $15. However, those places aren’t good either because every time I go there, I don’t want to

  • Locke And John Locke's An Essay Concerning Human Understanding

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    ideas. General words are not particular, they are not improper names, and has no existence on its own right. The idea that general terms explore what exists, and the efforts of making language efficient is examined through the ideas in Locke’s An Essay Concerning Human Understanding, Book III. Locke’s theory explains why language primarily comes from general terms rather than names of particular things however he explains that some situations require providing names to particular things. General