Informative Essay: My Role As An Orchestra Player

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With the development of music society, more and more people love to listen classical music. As an orchestra player, we love to communicate with the audience who support our passion and expression, and also to share the music idea with them. In my opinion, if I am a player in the orchestra and would play in making the orchestra a vital, relevant, and necessary cultural force, I would like to illustrate some point to make it. First of all, music cannot be attractive without player to make the music with them own idea, and make the beautiful music, thus the player as an important role in the orchestra to make the music and enjoy playing it as well. Secondly, as an orchestra player, they should have ensemble consciousness; it means you know how to cooperate with your partner rather than just play the notes, as well as follow the conductor as always, otherwise, no matter how good you are, the orchestra will mess up, because you have no ensemble consciousness. Therefore, it displays how crucial role is as a player in the orchestra. Furthermore, listening is also really important in the orchestra, the same reason, if the player who does not hear the other section of the orchestra and merely hear what you are playing, the orchestra is definitely not sounds good. For me, my presence in the orchestra as a valuable role, because I love the music, that is why I…show more content…
Undoubtedly, every player will feel excited and attracted by other player's idea after music communication in the rehearsal, at this point, every player help each other to get the different emotion and idea to the music, they will try to make the orchestra sounds more dramatic step by step. Accordingly, every player has to know the music in advance, as well as getting their own idea before the

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