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  • Informative Essay: The Invention Of The Cotton Industry

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    Have you ever noticed what your shirt is made of or what you make your bed with? Those things are made of Cotton. Cotton is a very useful resource and is a part of your everyday life. So where does cotton come from? How can the cotton plant be made into a resource that is useful? A long time ago it was a very difficult task to take cotton from field to the sheets on your bed. Then inventor Eli Whitney invented a machine called the cotton gin. The cotton gin is one of the most important inventions

  • Informative Essay: The Invasion Of The Red Panda

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    Do you know about the Red Panda? if not I am going to tell you about this precious animal. People may think this animal is a raccoon if they never saw it before because of it weight and size is just like a raccoon but it is not related to the raccoon what so ever. I’m going to let you know everything you need to know about this endangered animal why it is endangered and what caused it to me endangered and why it’s so special to our world and want to keep this specie alive on this earth and not extinct

  • Franklin D Roosevelt Informative Essay

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    I believe Franklin D. Roosevelt was the greatest American who ever lived. He was one of the most influential presidents to date and accomplished many things that affect American lives in the present day. He was the only president in history to be elected for four consecutive terms. He served three terms fully, dying months after being elected a fourth time. He led this country out of the Great Depression, which was no simple task. He also established social security and not only made the decision

  • Informative Essay: The First Amendment, Freedom Of Speech

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    The First Amendment, Freedom of Speech means: The right to express any opinion without censorship or restraint from This Amendment has been over protected by the U.S. Supreme Courts and people all together. In this Amendment, there is free press, as well as being able to speak your mind about a person, animal, or thing. As long as it is your honest opinion or is known to be truthful. This cannot be held against you in anyway. The First Amendment Freedom of Speech, was passed

  • Halloween's Informative Essay: All-Hallows-Day

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    Halloween is a holiday which has been around for a ton longer than numerous may might suspect. Even the traditions which appear to be so modern and economically established are practically as old as the tradition of Halloween itself. There is a ton of perplexity with reference to when the tradition of Halloween started. The exceptional night going before All-Hallows-Day, on November first, has been considered for a considerable length of time a standout amongst the most mysterious night of the year

  • Informative Essay: Is Fantasy Sports Competition Easy

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    Fantasy Sports Competition is not easy Andrew Dexter Dr. Neal DEV0015 9/28/15 Fantasy sports competition is not as easy as you may think. For example, having a higher ranked team is not a winning guarantee. Let’s take the current football season as our discussion sport. The Cleveland Browns defeated a highly favorite Tennessee Titans, ensured that all players betting on the best ranked team lost that matchup. The same principle applies to another football favorite, the New Orleans Saints, who

  • Humor And Informative Essay: Saturday Night Live

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    How many times have you wanted to laugh when you heard someone laughing uncontrollably? Laughing can do many wonders for the body; it reduces stress, pain and eases conflicts (McGhee). Humor has many different forms and varies greatly from person to person and from culture to culture. Throughout the years, humor and laughing have been a great way to connect with others by adding joy, as well as being an effective way to get over disagreements and resentment. During Medieval times, “the fool” represented

  • Informative Essay: A Brief History Of The Seattle Braves

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    The Seattle Seahawks {By: Thomas Melone and Corey Parker} Introduction of the Seattle Seahawks The Seattle Seahawks are a NFL (National Football League) football team. They are from the city Seattle in the state of Washington.Seattle, Washington. The Seattle Seahawks are important because, they are a job and people need jobs to live. They are also important because, they provide entertainment for people who aren’t in the game. Those people could be at home, at the stadium CenturyLink Field,

  • Informative Essay: Why Hockey Is Not An American Sport

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    When you think of the sport hockey what comes to mind? Hockey is popular sport, but every time I hear it I can’t help but think that it is not an American sport. We are all familiar with the misconception of hockey originating in Canada, or hockey is played only in Canada. When actually it is played all around the world. The “ball and stick” games have been played for centuries now. It first was played in Greece as early as 400 BCE. As civilizations grew so did the sport. During the 1600’s paintings

  • Informative Essay: Why Fly Fishing Is A Sport?

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    Fly fishing is considered a sport by some, but for others it’s a lifestyle. Learning to fly fish can provide a lifetime of memories to the weekend fishermen, or the avid fly fisher. To get started in the sport, there's a few basic things to know, knowing the correct gear, using the right techniques, being prepared, and knowing which species to focus on. Most fly fisherman are aiming to pursue trout, but most anglers try fishing for everything from largemouth bass, to big game saltwater species