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Walt Disney Valerie San Luis Mr. Jonathan Marshall Harvest Christian Academy February 9. 2015 Outline Introduction: Attention Getter: Mickey Mouse appears to come off as a happy animated character, but believe it or not, Walt Disney himself did not live such an easy life. Thesis Statement: Walt Disney gradually devoted his career to making films that gained popularity from the public. Body: I. Disney experienced many ups and downs during the first years of his career but faced them with confidence and took many risks to help him start off his company. A. Walt Disney’s family and living background played a role in Disney’s ideas and imaginations. B. Disney’s fist career was in Kansas City Film Ad Company, which he quit to…show more content…
He firstly signed with ABC and started a black and white colored show called Disneyland, which promoted the actual theme park (Gitlin 65). Disneyland was not just about the park; it also displayed certain aspects that Walt Disney portrayed in his films to prepare the people to see his films come to life. The program highlighted adventure, make-believe lands, and learning (Gitlin 66). The people loved the Disneyland program. 31 million people viewed the fist episode, and 75 million people watched it over time; the show was also one of the top fifteen favorites on television (Gitlin 66). Despite the excitement, Roy Disney did not support the idea of building a theme park, but Walt Disney was not easily talked out of things and was diligent in building the $17 million amusement park (Gitlin 67). Disneyland had at last opened on July 17, 1955 in Anaheim, California, and many showed up that day, but there were also many complaints about the roads and the broken rides (Gitlin 68). Disneyland’s first day disappointed the public, but Walt Disney was not the type to give up. The rides were repaired in no time, and millions of people from all over America and all over the world were visiting Disneyland, where dreams come true (Gitlin, 68). His purpose was to create a utopia for his audience, so they could absorb themselves in Disney’s animations with all five of their senses (Jolley 20). Walt Disney himself even stated, “I do not want the public to see the world they live in while they are in the park. I want them to feel like they are in another world” (Fanning 104). Disneyland was an overall success, and since then, millions of people have visited

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