Informative Essay On How To Make A Sushi Roll In The United States

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I. Raise your hand if you like sushi. Raise your hand if you think sushi is too expensive. The other day, I was researching various sushi menus in Manhattan and in the more popular places of Brooklyn (Willamsburg), and found out a simple California Roll costs around $5 dollars. $5 dollars for six pieces! And then there are the recent all you can eat sushi joints and you can get unlimited rolls for around $15. However, those places aren’t good either because every time I go there, I don’t want to be near any kind of sushi for one whole year. So what is the best possible solution? II. Making a sushi roll isn’t too hard if you just want a quick fix of sushi. That’s why today, I will show you guys how to make a California Roll using the simplest ingredients, least professional way, but you can…show more content…
Making your own sushi roller is very easy. i. Place a paper towel on the table. ii. On top of the paper towel, place some plastic wrap. I. Make sure the plastic wrap is smaller than the paper towel, but bigger than the seaweed paper. iii. On top of the plastic wrap, place a sheet of seaweed paper. IV. Finally, you are ready to make your sushi! a. On top of the seaweed paper, slowly spoon some rice and spread the rice out like peanut better on bread. i. You want to make sure that there isn’t too much rice and that it is consistent throughout the piece of seaweed. b. Place 2 strips of the imitation crabmeat, 1 strip of avocado, and 1 strip of cucumber starting at 1/4th of seaweed that is closest to your body. c. Now you can roll the seaweed. i. Start by grabbing the plastic wrap that is under your seaweed, so you won’t touch the rice. ii. Roll the seaweed paper and all filling and firmly hold them down, making sure you squeeze everything tightly. iii. Peel the plastic wrap off and continue rolling the sushi until it becomes an actual roll. d. Now you are ready to cut the sushi into pieces. i. Wet the knife so that the rice won’t stick to the knife when you are

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