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  • Analyzing Iggy's 'Struggle In The Music Video Work'

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    sources of hegemony, which operate in order to control our interpretations of the world. Since we can’t predict or control what these power structures produce, the only thing left, is to analyze and understand in order to make informative decisions about a text. In this essay, I will be analyzing the music video “Work” by Iggy Azalea. I will demonstrate the way Iggy promotes normative discourses, how she uses the gender threat in terms of gender and race, and finally, how Iggy reinforces power masked

  • Explain Plato's Argument For The Immortality Of The Soul

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    must have gained this knowledge sometimes before birth. That proves that the soul must be immortal. He attempts to prove this theory in Meno where he uses the method of elenchus, which by asking and answering questions illuminates ideas. In this essay I will point out where his arguments fail to support his theory and I will use the ideas of some other philosophers to compare them with those of Plato and offer some other arguments he could have used instead and theories that directly follow. My

  • Citizenfour4: Film Analysis

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    1.1 Introduction This essay substantiates fair use of two archival clips of congressional hearings in a Laura Poitras’s documentary film, Citizenfour4. My arguments are not based on specific permission details, or any court case between the copyright owners and Laura Poitras. My views rely on section 107 of US copyrights law7, which defines a four-factor test for fair use. In addition to using the four-factor test, my arguments draw on best practices in fair use. 1.1 Potential Fact Situation Citizenfour

  • Women's Role In The Reformation

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    RESEARCH ESSAY: Were women actively involved in the Reformation, or were they marginalized by its leaders? In recent times, the role of women in the Reformation has been the subject of increased historiographical inquisition. Weisner suggests that traditionally, historians have tended to disregard the question of gender in Reformation history, either assuming that women shared their father’s and husband’s experiences, or played no role in the movement whatsoever. The aim of this paper is to interrogate

  • Analysis: The Deposition By Rogier Van Der Feldman

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    This essay was a analysis of a Flemish painting, the Deposition. All the analysis will be based on personal observation and background research while using Feldman's five principles of analysis. This painting was called The Descent from the cross or Deposition of Christ or Descent of Christ from the cross. It was painted by the Flemish artist Rogier Van Der Weyden in 1435. It was painted with oil, on oak panel. The size of this painting is 220cm x 262cm. This painting contained many subjects that

  • Mythology: Homeric Hymn To Demeter

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    Jayla Bush Dr. Bakalian Mythology December 9, 2014 Mythology Assessment Essay Mythological sources used in this paper: 1. Homeric Hymn to Demeter 2. Homeric Hymn to Hermes In this paper, I will explain the Demeter and Hermes myth. I will also tie its morals to modern times, and explain how we still use these motifs today. Homeric Hymn to Demeter The Homeric Hymn to Demeter is perhaps best recognized as the “Persephone myth”. The most common retellings and interpretations of the myth insinuate

  • A Long Way Gone Summary

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    Annotated Bibliography Barya, K. Mildred. “Review: ‘A Long Way Gone’ by Ishmael Beah”. Books & Arts.Pambazuka News, 31 July 2008. Web. 7 November 2015. Mildred has written a most informative and engaging review for Ishmael Beah’s book, A Long Way Gone. The review brings together and mentions a lot of similar incidences and depictions of those events in the forms of books and movies. The review especially lays stress on the effect of war on a

  • Essay On Luck And Luck

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    existence of luck and its importance on destiny of human beings? There were many researches all around the world, in which people came up with different ideas but none of them was logical enough to convince them. What is written in this essay, is another shot of informative ideas and facts, begging to end in a result. Comparing thoughts of two people, a lucky and unlucky one, may help us reach a better level of understanding. Almost all of the lucky people are those who actually don't believe in luck

  • Howell Raines My Soul Is Rest

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    Minor facts included in this novel make the story more alive, and the supporting reference to different events truly opened my eyes to this historical event .A weakness in the story is the actual usefulness of each interview. Many are revealing and informative, while some are not as put together and at time became repetitious. The story ended with Ralph David Abernathy’s account regarding Martin Luther King, Jr’s death. Ralph provides a detailed story about the tragic accident from the time the shot

  • Women Cannery Lives Summary

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    Ruiz, Vicki L. Cannery Women, Cannery Lives: Mexican Women, Unionization, and the California Food Processing Industry, 1930-1950. Albuquerque: University of New Mexico, 1987. The author’s study is “centered on the historical experiences of Mexican women canning and packing workers in California during the 1930s and 1940s. It explores the connections of work, culture, and gender as well as the relationship between women’s networks and unionization.” The author’s purpose of writing this book is