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  • Joanna Mackay's Essay: Should Organ Sales Be Legalized?

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    Joanna Mackay wrote an interesting and informative essay on why organ sales should be legalized. The author goes through several different reasons and states effective points as to why the government should legalize organ sales and how that would benefit many, many people. One of the opening sentences in Mackay’s essay is, “Governments should not ban the sale of human organs; they should regulate it.” This same paragraph also gives a little bit of background information on the organ sales

  • Writing An Argument Analysis

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    Writing argumentative essays can be difficult if the writer does not know the proper procedure. When writing the essay, the writer needs to have a strong belief for one side of the argument; however, needs to be able to explain the other side of the argument and why they think it is wrong. The reader should be able to tell which side of the argument that the writer believes in, even if the reader does not agree. Everything the writer presents in the argument needs to be factual information backing

  • William Zinsser: A Comparative Analysis

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    Contrast essay is a paper that evaluates two different ideas or things. For instance, when you are asked to evaluate a recent car’s performance, you would have to list the advantageous and disadvantages of the model. The evaluation would be more effective if you compare it with a previous model, it would allow the reader to form an analogy with the new vehicle. Compare- Contrast essays allow the audience to visualize the similarities between to similar, yet different, objects. A Division essay, on the

  • Jay Holmquist's An Experience With Acronyms

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    Essays can be used to discover rather than to prove or persuade. While this may not be the standard academic paper, it can be useful when conducting research. Not every paper may thought with a developed thesis but come to a realization of a thesis after conducting necessary research. Jay Holmquist’s essay “An Experience with Acronyms” approaches his topic with a narrative interest that leads to a question to start his exploration. This implemented his process of discovery going from his story to

  • Object Lessons

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    I am very happy that you have read my essay called the Object Lessons. I write this letter to you in order to break down any barriers that strongly stand between you and I about my essay. Although it may seem confusing, I promise that after you read my letter, you will have a better understanding of my work. Before I begin writing my essay, I ponder over what object should I choose. It is a very difficult decision; it takes me three days to choose from many things that are in my daily possession

  • Personal Narrative: My Experience With Construction

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    with the construction for Essay 1 was one not without any difficulties. Early on, I struggled with assimilating the assigned reading material and crafting a thesis statement. In particular, both of the articles were quite lengthy in text and concepts. There are many detailed explanations on a variety of abstractions, and even scientific data analysis that I did not possess an adequate level of expertise to dissect and discern. Moreover, I actually misread the original essay assignment and mistook the

  • Alice Walker's Beauty: When The Other Dancer Is The Self

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    it or not. Alice Walker’s essay, “Beauty: When the Other Dancer is the Self,” is a story that depicts the harassment and embarrassment in a young girl’s life. The theme behind the story is based on the struggle and battle that Walker goes through due to her need to recognize her inner beauty and outer beauty for years on end. Walker uses many literary elements to portray the theme of her essay, which can be seen in her use of conflict, tone, and symbolism. In her essay, Walker is challenged by the

  • Personal Narrative: Self As A Writer

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    WW4 – Self as Writer Throughout my entire academic career, I have noticed that there are a few areas in my writing that I succeed well in. Most of the time I am able to craft an attention-grabbing introduction and conclusion that also inform. I think this is because when I was in high school we were instructed heavily to create an opening and closing to a paper that could summarize the rest of the paper if they were to be the only thing we wrote. I try to assure that my thoughts flow well or that

  • Literary And Rhetorical Devices

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    Many authors use literary and rhetorical devices to make their target audience either submit or disregard their position on whatever the subject of the essay happens to be. Because of the abundant uses of said devices, some works of writing are becoming muddled, but that is not the case with "Ways We Lie" and "Why We Don't Complain". Both Buckley and Ericsson, have a point in which they would like to prove and use few devices which makes it easier to pick out what they are trying to tell their audience

  • Exploratory Essay On High School Drop Out

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    Many explanatory essays aren’t effective to all people. Some people feel as if they are given an abundance of information or compact information. The essay “Flow” was the most effective it engages readers and is not overbearing with information. Other people would write about high school drop outs. “Flow” was the only essay that was the most compelling. Being that it was not on a topic that I had no interest in, it captivated my attention. It did not provide so much information that would cause