Informative Essay: Christianity Against Rock And Roll Music

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Laquisha Campos Period 1 Christianity Against Rock and Roll Music Christians hold opposing views towards things they deem immoral such as rock and roll. Since the emergence of rock and roll in the nineteen-fifties, it evolved throughout time with many new genres such as Metal, New Wave, and Progressive, to name a few, challenged the ideals of Christianity. They believe that a rock and roll ‘soup’ stereotypically promotes Satan, sex and drugs, and homosexuality. As rock and roll music rooted itself in peoples’ lives, Christians condemned it as evil. Christians believe that evil in the form of rock and roll has become a problem for society due to its connection to Satan. Album covers of many rock bands such as the 1973 Rolling Stones and Paul McCartney’s solo albums presented goat and ram heads, which is greatly revered in Satanism. Christians adhere that the use of satanic symbols are being used to persuade teenagers to listen to that type of evil music. Musicians such as Marilyn Manson have been known to denounce Christianity on stage in front on millions,…show more content…
Many of the lyrics contain subliminal messages that can supposedly influence people commit immoral acts. The term rock and roll has been defined many different times but was used as a slang term for fornicating. Songs such as Def Leppard’s none-too-subtle “Pour Some Sugar” on me brought out the concept of sex even though it was only implied. Drugs are another theme in rock lyrics. The Beatles song, “Lucy in the Sky of Diamonds”, has an underlying message about the usage of acid. Although the lyrics are not blatantly saying go out and use drugs, artists usually say it to convey their feelings. It is also a known fact that many rock musicians have died of drug overdoses. It is lyrics such as the ones mentioned that Christians are opposed to and supposedly brainwashing future

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