Informative Essay On Paying College Athletes Get Paid

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Kenny Ly Stafford English IV 6 February 2015 Senior Research Essay The topic of paying college athletes has risen in recent years. It has been argued that the athletes exploited by their colleges and not getting paid. The NCAA brings in millions in revenue each year by television, advertising and licensing. The school also benefit from merchandising sales, ticket sales, and donations. Some college schools have their own televised network that they can benefit or profit off of. Brigham Young University owns BYUtv. It seems like everyone benefits from the excessive revenue brought in by the athletes, except for the athletes. Paying athletes would most likely increase their incentive to finish their college education at that college, instead…show more content…
It would only cost them about $300,000 a year if they did that, it is nothing compared to how much money that is brought into by the conference (Wikipedia, 2015). The NCAA has earned billions from broadcast revenues annually. By selling the image of their players, the NCAA is able to make money from each sport (Wikipedia, 2015). With the NCAA receiving billions of income each year, all that money is spread out to, teachers, administrators, athletic directors, etc. (Wikipedia, 2015) Surely, they will have a lot left over for the players. They are rising stars, they don’t need to be paid as much as the…show more content…
Fans must understand that college sports is a big business.”(Frederick) Most of the fans are not agreeing when the topic of paying college athletes is brought up. The reason behind that is they think college athletes are amateurs and not professionals yet. All sports fans need to wake up and get rid of the amateur athletics myth that is used to oppose the topic (Frederick). High school athletes and below should be considered amateur athletes only. They don’t get paid; they play the game for the sport, popularity, and experience. In college, they step it up and put up stats so NFL drafters can see their potential for the pro

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