Informative Essay: Why Golf Is The Best Sport International

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In my opinion, golf is the greatest sport ever invented. I am a part of the southeastern golf tour and the national young teen PGA association. The southeastern golf tour is a group of young teens who play in golf tournaments all over the south. The tour also helps out the food bank in several towns. The national young teen PGA association has one yearly meeting to discuss golf as a whole. We talk about if golf is growing or reducing. We also talk about more clinics we could have to grow the game of golf. Most people think golf is a boring game. However, golf is actually very intriguing and one of the very few sports you can play when you’re 85. The game of golf is a very relaxing sport and helps you make friends and enjoy the company of others. Golf helps with many things. It helps you to relax from your work and put your focus towards something else. A lot of pristine courses have been around for over 100 years. The New York Times states…show more content…
There is more to golf than physical skills and technique. Many CEO’s regard golf as a test of a person’s character for a prospective employee, as a way of seeing how they cope with pressure and pride. In what other game do the players turn themselves in for infraction of the rules? Additionally, golf seems to be becoming a necessary life skill. In the business world, the golf course is where deals are made, as one is free of interruptions, there's time to walk and talk and have five or six hours of quality time with someone in which one can build a few relationships. Golf is both an individual and team sport. Where the person playing the game is the only one reliant to make or contribute to their success. It is not possible to blame anybody else for a bad shot but yourself, you are the one holding the club. This pertains greatly to life. Whenever a person makes a decision, it is their responsibility to take account for their

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