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  • Informative Essay About Football

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    What is football? How come football is so great? These are some questions asked by fans and people that want to learn about football. This great sport has some of the most athletic people in the world; these people have lighting like speed on offense, super mutant strength on defense, and must strong to push any one around to be able to get a touch down. In football there are three parts to the team, offence, defense, and special teams. On the offence team there are three major players and without

  • Informative Essay On Coast Guard

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    Let’s say you are out on a boat with your best friends on a bright Sunday afternoon deep sea fishing. The weather forecast called for a hurricane but by the looks of things the weather man was wrong. Because what are the odds the weather man is right on this particular day? Your friends say turn back just in case, but you insist to keep going. But all of a sudden you notice the waves around you start to get bigger; wind starts to howl; sun disappears. Your heart skips a beat, the boat turns over

  • Informative Essay On Oregon Shootings

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    Oregon shooting By Dana Ford & Ed Payne, first published October 1, 2015 (updated October 2, 2015) Background Information: The first or more precisely the earliest known shooting to happen in school was on July 26, 1764. There is no way to count all the shootings since this date. That means we don’t have a total number of all rampages in school. But what we do know is, that most of the crazed actions happen in America. The last one happened at 10.38 Thursday morning in Oregon (First October 2015)

  • Informative Essay On Marco's Pizza

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    When we are low in energy and hungry what is one thing that comes to our mind? Yes, food is the first thing that comes to our mind. The only thing I like more than smelling about food is eating. Thinking of food there are many options but from all of them my most favorite food is pizza. It is an affordable meal bursting with delicious flavor on every bite. There are many fastest growing pizza franchises in the U.S. and pizza lovers are so crazy that they think there is no better feeling

  • Informative Essay On The Miniature Dachshund

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    Origin The miniature dachshund originated in Germany in the early 1600s. Their name is derived from two German words – dachs meaning badger and hund meaning dog. They were bred to hunt small game, such as rabbit and badger, as they were small enough to slip down rabbit holes. During the First World War, dachshunds were no longer in fashion due to their German origin. However, they have since regained popularity and are currently ranked 11th most popular dog breed in America, according to the American

  • Informative Essay On 9/11

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    Maria Osuna Mrs. Engle Academic Writing 18 April 2015 September 11, 2001 9/11 is an event that made history, and it will never be erased. It was a time of shock, sadness, and rebuilding for the nation. The reason it caused so much commotion was it had not been seen before in it’s size. There is always commotion in a disaster, but being the first major terrorist attack just added to the mix of shock, and pain. It was a point of vulnerability for the United States, knowing that they had just been

  • Informative Essay On Water Skiing

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    Have you ever water skied, or tried to? Water skiing is a great sport for all ages. I have been enjoying water skiing since I was five years old. I have grown in my skills and plan to keep doing so. To enjoy this sport it is important to know what water skis are, how to water ski, and the different types of water skiing. First, water skis can be made out of a few common materials, and various different items and measurements are needed to create them. Water skis are commonly made out of wood, fiberglass

  • Informative Essay On Gun Ownership

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    Guns are a significant component in American culture and many people enjoy using them for hunting, target practice and sport shooting. Gun ownership is legal in America with The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution stating that "the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed" (U.S. Const. am. 2). Although Americans have the constitutional right to own a gun, being a responsible gun owner means one must comprehend precisely how a gun works, and the power the gun

  • Informative Essay On Prescription Drugs

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    Since prescription drugs are only intended to be used when prescribed by a doctor to a specific patient, the effects of just anyone using them can be hazardous in many ways. Doctors prescribe prescription drugs to patients who need help with medical problems. Prescription drugs are drugs meant to be taken in a responsible manner going along with the doctor or pharmacist's request and the label on the container. Prescription drugs can become unsafe to the user if they are taken in a way they have

  • Informative Essay On Valley Forge

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    “Help me! I am suffering. I hear screams echo throughout camp as people get there amputations done. Valley Forge is my home but I do not want to die in it. I love this place but I am scared that I will die here and not see my family again. We need to win this war, for our country, for our loved ones, and for General Washington.”I said. 18 miles out of Philadelphia is this soldier camp called Valley Forge. People are cold, getting sick, and suffering. Valley Forge was made for the soldiers at the