Informative Essay On 9/11

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Maria Osuna Mrs. Engle Academic Writing 18 April 2015 September 11, 2001 9/11 is an event that made history, and it will never be erased. It was a time of shock, sadness, and rebuilding for the nation. The reason it caused so much commotion was it had not been seen before in it’s size. There is always commotion in a disaster, but being the first major terrorist attack just added to the mix of shock, and pain. It was a point of vulnerability for the United States, knowing that they had just been attacked on their own soil. This had many effects on people, but the mutual feeling was terror. It was a moment of broken pride, and helplessness. The amount of people that died by World Trade Centers were 2,606.This included 343 firefighters, and policemen.…show more content…
There was profiling prior to 9/11 but in the past decade it has become worse (Jandali 21). Basically the group being profiled are Middle Eastern citizens. The reason for it is because the terrorist attackers are from there and many categorize them equally since they look alike. The profiling can be seen in middle eastern or muslim students at school. The stereotyping done is bullying. Here is the story of Lalla: A Muslim student named Lalla wore her hijab to school. As a student approached her she screamed to her “Her father is Bin Laden! She’s going to blow up the school.” As if that wasn’t enough to create anger, when the student confronted a teacher about it she got this answer, that other students had the right to express their own opinion. Also “your people had caused a lot of problems, so it’s understandable for people to be frustrated with you” (Jandali 21). They are are treated differently because of their ethnicity connection to the people who form the terrorist groups. On March 2011 in a San Francisco Chronicle they had a survey in which they asked 100 Muslim boy scouts answered the same question. “Have you ever been called terrorist?” 80 hands were raised. That means 2 out of 5 kids are made fun of because their muslim, and people are stereotypical towards a connection to the 9/11 attacks (Jandali

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