Informative Essay On Oregon Shootings

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Oregon shooting By Dana Ford & Ed Payne, first published October 1, 2015 (updated October 2, 2015) Background Information: The first or more precisely the earliest known shooting to happen in school was on July 26, 1764. There is no way to count all the shootings since this date. That means we don’t have a total number of all rampages in school. But what we do know is, that most of the crazed actions happen in America. The last one happened at 10.38 Thursday morning in Oregon (First October 2015) and it is the 45th school shooting in the US for this year alone. Summary of the article: • The gunman was Chris Harper Mercer (26 years old) and he had body armor with him and was heavily armed (three pistols, one rifle) • Ten people were killed

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